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ADA Units Are Now Available.

ADA Inmate Transfer Vehicles

Prisoner Transport Systems

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American Made Craftsmanship means a solid inmate transport containment unit that is not going to rattle, not going to rust, and nobody gets in or out until you let them. Our high-quality units are re-usable for future vehicle purchases.

Without sacrificing strength and security, our all aluminum units are lighter in weight and are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 Compartments. Ask about our new optional squish seat, aka isolation chamber.

Most units are one-piece modules providing for a simple slide in installation. Designed to accommodate existing factory rear A/C and heat, although we also offer auxiliary AC and heat units as well. Available for both standard and extended length passenger and cargo van models.

Standard Features:

Heavy duty smooth no rust aluminum interior

Easy clean interior

Skid-resistant diamond plate aluminum floor

Seat belts for every passenger

LED security recessed lighting

AC hoses and hook ups included

Non-skid seating covering and a smooth interior

Windows, view-ports and access panels for visibility and security

Individual locking compartment doors

Stainless stell door hinges and fasteners

Welded edges for easy cleaning

Units can be transferred into like vehicles models

Light gray powder coating on inserts

6000lb slam latch lock with Camlocker T-handles, all locks keyed the same

Front emergency exit drop down windows for every compartment

Perforated center sections for viewing of prisoners with clear polycarbonate over for protection

Optional accessories include:

Video cameras

Video cameras




Exterior lights


Food traps

Back-up beepers and sensors

Video Monitoring with GPS and Intercom Systems available for any configuration.

Inmate Transport Unit Configurations

police prisoner transport vehicle 1 compartment

One (1) Compartment Unit
One Rear Inmate Door Only

jail transport unit 2 compartments

Two (2) Compartment Unit
Two Rear Inmate Door Only

2 compartment inmate transport unit rear and side door

Two (2) Compartment Unit
One Rear & One Side Inmate Doors

police prisoner transport

Three (3) Compartment Unit
Two Rear & One Side Inmate Doors

inmate transfer 4 compartments

Four (4) Compartment Unit
Two Rear & Two Side Inmate Doors

Ask about our new optional squish seat,
aka isolation chamber.

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